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The “Chrome” Larvikite Crown Set

The “Chrome” Larvikite Crown Set

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Chrome and Larvikite crown bracelet set comes with crown bracelet made with 8mm larvikite beads, and and faceted chrome hematite bracelet. Come with a Borun America gold bangle with embellished crystals from Swarovski . The beauty of this bracelet set is its versatility. It has a hematite accent that will suit any electric chemistry band, while the larvikite beads will help you let go of negative emotions. This bracelet set is created with 8mm larvikite beads and a faceted chrome hematite bracelet.

The larvikite beads are created with ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices to help you focus on positive habits and let go of negative habits, which will enhance your physical, emotional. Classic design with dazzling shades of colors. Made from 8mm larvikite beads, with faceted chrome hematite bangle. High quality adjustable leather strap. Large size, comfortable and light weight. The new trend in Larvikite crystal beads is chrome. Beautifully inspired with different colors and shapes with chrome accents, now you’ll want to wear a piece of Larvikite jewellery all the time. Larvikite’s hematite and chrome beads have unique qualities that suit so many occasions.



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