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The "Serenity" Crown Set

The "Serenity" Crown Set

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The "Serenity" Crown SetThe Amethyst Crown Bracelet Set. 3pc. bracelet set comes with Bangle by Borun America made with Swarovski crystals. Beads are 8mm faceted Amethyst with 3mm gold plated spacers. 

He travels on the wind and follows the sun and soon will catch up to your light. And all the world will be set in His peaceable kingdom." The Majestic Amethyst Crown bracelet is a hand crafted piece of jewelry that will adorn elegantly any imaginative little girl of any age. Dreaming of a world at peace and held in fairy tales? Then you'll love the Bangle by Boron America made with Swarovski crystals. With this Bracelet Set, you can be the heroine of your own story! Be bold today. Wear the bracelet on your wrist, the Crown over your head, and carry the Crown in the purse. Wear with a matching daydream necklace or other jewelry. Perfect for everyday wear and playtime with the kids.



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