About Us

Designer, Teleigha Peavy of L.Signature Collection by L. Styles, LLC.

How it All Begin and the Journey?

How did I begin? It's all thanks to my grandmother! My grandmother is a Southern Belle. She believes that women should always wear jewelry, especially earrings. I used to get in trouble because I didn't particularly appreciate wearing jewelry (I was a tomboy growing up). After I had my first child, I had to find ways to avoid falling into postpartum because I had to stay solid and alert for her and keep going. The solution was to make myself feel better both on the inside and outside. So when I dress, I dress even with matching jewelry. I eventually came to love jewelry. Now you can't stop me from wearing unique pieces made me. Don't get me wrong. I admire the David Yurman pieces and other designers as well. However, I am my favorite thus far.


Decorating and crafting have always been my passion. As years went by, one Sunday, I was bored, and I went to craft and home decor stores just browsing. I wanted to start making my jewelry. Well, I walked down the craft aisle for jewelry making, instantly loved the beads, and started getting ideas. When I wore the set I made, I got many compliments and was asked if I was a designer; my response – No. One person says after my answer, "You should be."


My head was in a whirlwind. I thought about it and started taking tutorial lessons. Maybe three weeks later, the "paint" began to chip away after I made my first set of jewelry. I started researching products that will never fade or wear out. The answer was gemstones! I've started reading about their pureness, metaphysical, and healing properties. The energy that stones carry is what sealed the deal for me. Well, the following line helped me - Then I discovered that they are mentioned throughout the Bible several times, but the verse that shut it down was. "Ezekiel 1:22 You are covered in every precious stone". A little background Ezekiel is one of the few prophets that walked in the Garden of Eden. The precious stones in the Garden of Eden were topaz, diamonds, sardius, onyx, jasper, emerald, and carbuncle.


My first reaction was, "Wow! I get it, God! I can't run from it! This jewelry making is what I am called to do." No matter what I do, my spiritual side keeps getting intertwined with what I do. From jewelry to accessories, my spirit is interwoven into each piece.


Here I am, about to embark on my most significant venture ever. I am making jewelry people will adore and love just as much as I do. Each stone and crystal I work with are handpicked and handmade into unique pieces. I feel complete and proud of my pieces each time I make something. 

I've begun researching places that sell pure, authentic gemstones and browsing the competition. I wanted mine to be unique and have a different style. So my journey began! My goal is to keep improving and learning something new every day!

I want people to share my passion, calling, and creativity! I have always considered myself unique and different. I like men and women to feel special. 

Let your individuality illuminate the outside of you.