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The "Peaceful" Crown Set

The "Peaceful" Crown Set

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3pc. Crown Bracelet set. Comes 8mm howlite crown bracelet, second bracelet made with faceted silver hematite beads, and a silver and gold stainless open bangle. 

Lay your worries, pain, and burdens down revealing your divine light. The Peaceful Crown Set is made with howlite, hematite, and stainless steel to help you shine bright from within. Feel all the weight lifted off your shoulders in a whirl of metal, crystals, and glass. Let yourself come into the present moment with the Peaceful Crown. Featuring three beautifully designed pieces, it is the perfect set to wear for a laid back look all the time. Designed by Bellatrix Collection Beautifully mixed metals and natural gemstones that are sleek and sophisticated, these adornments will definitely make the crowning moment.

Be a queen who rules with peace in your heart. Wear the Peaceful Crown, and wear what you're comfortable in. You'll love the gold and silver colors. This 3 piece set is a good example of a meaningful gift to a loved one. The set is constructed of hematite beads which mean "to show or cause to show blood (when squeezed)". The black seed beads mean "quick fix" (the black beads are also a symbol for defense). The gold beads mean "victory" and the silver represents "hope".



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