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The "Noturnal " Queen

The "Noturnal " Queen

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Howlite Crown Bracelet set for Women. Made with 8mm facted onyx, smooth onyx, gold hematite, and howlite beads. Comes with open bangle with geniune howlite and onyx stone.

Not only is The Noturnal Queen a beautifully designed pair of bracelets, it's a reminder of what matters in life: loyalty, love, commitment, and humanity. These are words that define a relationship, not jewelry. Made from onyx, a symbol of strength, you can live these words in a way that reflects yourself by wearing these bracelets to remind you of the importance of family, friendship, and those that you love. Every Stone seen in this bracelet is chosen for its natural properties. The Noturnal Queen Bead bracelet is a gorgeous set that is infused with the calming properties of the gems used. The handcrafted howlite and onyx stone bead bracelets are made with 8mm facted onyx, smooth onyx, gold hematite, and howlite beads. This bracelet set comes with an open bangle that will satisfy the item with a nice outline look.

You will love this luxurious bracelet that is an ideal gift for yourself or anyone you love. The Noturnal Queen. The Noturnal Queen bead bracelet is the perfect set for women who want to make a statement every day of their life. The Noturnal Queen bracelet is made with 8mm black and white 8mm facted onyx (a symbol of endurance and strength), onyx (a stone with a calming and soothing energy), gold hematite (for grounding and strength), and howlite (a stone of beauty, gentleness, and knowledge) beads. The open bangle is adorned with a genuine how



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