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The "Nocturnal " Stacked Set

The "Nocturnal " Stacked Set

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Howlite and Onyx Multi Strand Bracelet. Made with 18k gold plated long spacer, 6mm howlite and onyx beads with hematite rondelle beads. This is a new kind of fashion bracelet. It's simple, but it looks sleek and cool. A little bit of style and class combined with comfort and quality. From a style point of view, this bracelet contains 18K gold-plated long spacer beads (6mm) and how lite beads and onyx beads with hematite rondels beads.

In a world where food is scarce and air is thin, you want every feature to shine. We’ve put our best artists and master smiths on this design, so you can be confident in saying that the bracelet is made for you. The Nocturnal Stacked Bracelet is layered with hematite rondels beads for an eye-catching layered finish. How lite bead material and gold caging provides a beautiful contrast. Each bracelet is good for an impressive style statement, day or night.



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