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L.Signature Collection

The "Stimulating" Larvikite Crown Bracelet

The "Stimulating" Larvikite Crown Bracelet

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5pc. Stacked Bracelet comes with stainless steel cable wire gold open bangle , closed gold Bracelet with Swarovski crystals from Borun America, Beaded bracelet with stainless steel gold spacer made with 6mm faceted chrome Hematite and 3mm gold hematite beads, signature Bracelet made with larvikite, chrome larva, chrome facete and gold hematite, and top bracelet made with stainless steel gold crown with 6mm larvikite with faceted chrome and gold hematite beads.This bracelet can help stimulate creativity, wisdom, security. Also brings protection and balance. This 5pc. Stacked Bracelet set is for you. Especially for those who design and creates.
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