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Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - From the Zechstein Sea - 8 oz

Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - From the Zechstein Sea - 8 oz

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This 8 oz bottle of Pure Magnesium Oil Spray is made with magnesium sourced from the Zechstein Sea. When applied topically to the skin, the oil is easy to absorb and may help raise the body's nutrient levels. A study reported that topical application of magnesium oil is more effective than oral supplementation and has a greater absorption rate with fewer side effects.
  • PURE AND NATURAL - undiluted which equates to one of the most effective magnesium oil available.
  • ZECHSTEIN INSIDE - triple filtration from a trusted brand known around the world as all-natural.
  • TRANSDERMAL - magnesium absorption via the skin is an alternate form of magnesium substitution.
  • POWER MINERAL - no other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system.
  • PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDED - improve your sleep, skin, hair, nails, relief of headaches, and much more!


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