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The " Rose" Smoky Quartz

The " Rose" Smoky Quartz

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3pc. Set is made with grade level AAA smoky quartz with 4mm rose gold hematite bead. Second strand is made with micro pave' spacer with smoky quartz rondelle beads and rose gold dyed lava stones. Automatically comes with Stainless steel rose gold open bangle. Get the option to make a set with Borun America  rose gold earrings with embellished crystals from Swarovski  or the bangle !

Our gemstone collection offers a sense of beauty and mystique with a touch of magic. A special, hidden gem, or metaphysical stone, enhances the energy of the wearer by driving away negativity. Smoky quartz is said to help the wearer balance and achieve spiritual rejuvenation. It is believed that smoky quartz opens and shuttles energy between higher and lower chakras, allowing light to enter the lower chakras and rebalance them. There's so much to love about this 3pc. set! Featuring AAA smoky quartz in the first strand with 4mm rose gold hematite bead, infinity style! This strand is softly braided and cut entirely in micro pave' style and perfect for stacking. Each strand features rich texture and a contemporary look. The second strand is made with 6mm smoky quartz beads and 4mm rose gold hematite bead in a spacer style. This is flatter and more on the masculine. Wear these smoky quartz earrings to keep yourself and your mood surrounded in nurturing thoughts. Why stone for protection? Quartz is one of the best stones for releasing negative thought and energy from the body. Even a single bead of this stone is said to neutralize the effects of negativity.



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