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L.Signature Collection

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Made with 6mm malachite natural stone, smooth, and matte finished onyx. Also have 18k gold plated hematitebeads. Genuine leather bracelet included. The bracelets are black onyx with a matte finish and genuine leather band. 6mm malachite is inlayed all around the stone, and is available in 6 separate stones. The stone pieces are all very uniform in size with varying widths. The bracelet is 7.5 inches wide, and each piece is 6mm thick, with 6mm spacers to keep each stone about 1mm from the next. Made with natural malachite from Brazil, this bracelet is a beautiful, masculine accessory for any time of the day. The smooth, matte finished onyx on this bracelet is non-abrasive and will only darken with time. Genuine leather bracelet included, made in the United States. Did you that Malachite is actually a mineral? Its made into a gemstone. This Malachite Crown Bracelet looks nice and has a unique look, and the bracelet comes with a genuine leather bracelet included. The colors are vibrant and the design is simple. It's a great accessory.
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