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Sapphire & Blue Topaz Collar Necklace

Sapphire & Blue Topaz Collar Necklace

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Double stranded collar necklace. Made with 6mm Zambian sapphires, natural faceted blue topaz, high quality faceted onyx beads, natural sapphire stones, and 13.1 carat 3mm blue diamods. Collar has 2 creamy white round baroque fresh water pearls.

The sizzling color of these sapphires and topaz highlights what makes this piece really special. These stones are set in high quality faceted onyx. It is finished off beautifully with a 3mm natural blue natural diamonds, one of my favorite stones. It is a two-stranded beaded necklace with a short sapphire length on top and a longer onyx length on the bottom.


The creator, is a seasoned jewelry designer with an eye for detail. Her passion to create brings to life a stunning pair of sapphires and blue diamonds, gracing the front of this necklace. This collar is timeless and can accompany you for a lifetime. The beauty is in the details.


Fun Spiritual Belief: It is said that one of the gemstones ,Blue Topaz , is the gemstones of the Archangel Michael!



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