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Men's crown bracelet set comes with beaded bracelet made with howlite, gold hematite, and onyx beads, Two tone stainless steel bracelet, and genuine leather bracelet. Designed for men to show off their royalty and express their identity while on the go. Made from high-quality materials, this set is a perfect present for your loved ones. Our crown bracelet set was designed to be a blessing to the wearer, with the colors representing harmony and peace. Charm your loved ones with this eye-catching tribute to your love and friendship.

You can wear this crown bracelet set to protect yourself with the amulet you have received from your ancestors. It is a dream come true for men who love jewelry designs. Give the gift of protection with this Crown bracelet set from the World of Protection. Crown bracelet set includes 18" 18K gold hematite and how lite hematite beaded bracelet, two tone stainless steel bracelet, and genuine leather bracelet.



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