What Does it Means ” You Are Covered in Every Precious Stones ?” L.Signature Collection by L.Styles

What Does it Means ” You Are Covered in Every Precious Stones ?”

" Your Are Covered in Every Precious Stones."

Well, As you can see on all of our marketing material, a tag line with the scripture reference is on everything. But what does it means? How did I derive ” You Are Covered In Every Precious Stones,” from the verse Ezekiel 1:22 ? That’s an easy answer ! Lol.


It starts actually from reading the first verse about how Ezekiel described his account of seeing God and his Angels ( also known as the Messengers). Ezekiel was in prison and so was a King, captured by the enemies (Israel). When he looked at the King, he saw the Heavens stretched open and God was with him. When he saw God, he saw Him sitting on a throne made in Lapis Lazuli with his Angels flying around him singing, ” Holy.”


Now the next verses and chapters Ezekiel describes what the Angels looks like to him that God sent to be with him to deliver the messages to Israel and the surrounding cities that disobeyed God. God told him to have no fear for He is with him.


Fast Forward, Ezekiel is one of the few prophets that actually walked with God in the Garden of Eden. In that garden was precious stones, Topaz, diamond, sardius, onyx, jasper, emerald and carbuncle.


So as you can see my text comes from God being with you along the way and then he given you great access to be covered in these precious stones. So that’s where my ” Text” or tag line comes from.


Now, when I walked into my wholesaler, she tells me that she’s certified to import many precious stones from across the world. I walked by a table and saw this beautiful line of Lapis Lazuli! I was drawn to it , it’s blue was so beautiful and shiny. I had to have to make something marvelous out of it ! Well, that’s what I did.


Know that, every stone in my collection is picked based on what my spirit is attracted to. And when I read upon why I’m attracted to it, Oh my goodness the correlation between my Spiritual side and my daily life makes so much since. !

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