2023 Fashion Trend and Jewelry L.Signature Collection by L.Styles

2023 Fashion Trend and Jewelry

I always thought that jewelry completes the outfit. The type of jewelry states the style of the outfit. For example, If you wear multi layer necklace ls with a v neck or collar shirt, you giving boho chic style. If you wear chunky statement jewelry with your outfit and heels, you are giving classy look. How I feel that day determines the jewelry I  want to wear. Now my brunch days will always be acessories, bag, and heels. My meetings will always be classy statement look. Sometimes it depends on the gemstone I want to wear as well. If I need to be more ground, focused, and motivated, I'm wearing smoky quartz, tiger eye, or lapis lazuli. If I need my mind to be at peace and with a serene ora, I l'm wearing amethyst jewelry. During my meetings and work, I carry and wear jade with citrine gemstones. The gemstones I need will be added in the midst of my


jewelry style. To heightened my creativity for work in my career or when I'm designing, I have clear quartz and selenite around me. Sometimes I need a fresh perspective on how I approach and tackle things.


As a designer, when I make the jewelry I'm usually thinking of what gemstone I want to use and how it will look with a particular outfit. I love designing unique jewelry that will last, have value, and will be treasured forever and ever !


You can check out more of my designs and about me at www.l-stylesllc.com!

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