Clothing Brand , L. Styles' Clothing launched ! L.Signature Collection by L.Styles

Clothing Brand , L. Styles' Clothing launched !

New Clothing Brand | L.Styles Clothing on the Way !

How Did This Idea Come About ?


You know it was never in my five year or ten year plan to launch a clothing brand for my own company. I was looking through my files for my other logos to send to my graphic designer and I saw the logos for L. Styles' Clothing. Automatically, visions of " if I were to own a clothing line, how would it look ," came to my mind. I don't consider myself a fashion designer, just someone with many creative ideas. 


After that, ideas of how I want my clothing brand to be, the unique styles I want to showcase, started flooding in my minds. I want my brand to be recognized just the known ones that has been around for years. I think of this as something I want to last and remain for many generations to come just like how Versace , Gucci, and Louis Vuitton is still around, so will L. Styles be !

What was your goal for this clothing brand ?


I thought about everyday women like me, women who attend many type of events, women who brunches, women on the go, and professional women. What if I can show you how to take something so plain and style it anyway you want ? What if I designed something that is "curves flattering" but still is classy and not with thin material to show under garments prints? Also, what if I design something with material that helps with weight control ? Those were my ideas when I thought about creating a line for your everyday curvy women. I want my ladies to feel confident, and secure, in their body, shape, size, and skin.

White T Shirt dress | L.Styles Clothing

Anything designed for Men ?


Yes, We are working on designing unique t-shirts and jogger sets for men. Shirts will be either short or long sleeve fitted. The idea is having the option to wear it streetstyle or casual. As a business consultant by default, we are working on our market analysis. Our team are researching from male participants what new styles they would like to see or what is their styles. We want to add some "flare and uniqueness" to the designs for men just like we did for the women.  But again. while we are launching some of our completed styles, we are style in the process of creating new designs. We are still putting focus on our fabric and materials that will be flattering and comfortable for both men and women with all body types. So yes, our fall collection is on the way for our men as well ! 


Where can your designs or style ideas be found ?

We try every week to post many different ways to style our clothing. Although we are working on our clothing brand,   we still have our jewelry line. lol. Now, we are designing tassel earrings or bridal jewelry that can match well with our outfits. Same colors and same finishes.


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