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 Company History: "How it all begin,"

No matter what I do, my spiritual side keeps getting intertwined with what I do. I love jewelry! I always had. I like to make and create things. I love being a unique individual. I wanted to start making my own jewelry. I started going to craft stores to design jewelry just for me. When I wore it, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and was asked if I was a designer, my response - No. One person says after my response, “ You should be.”

I thought about it and started taking tutorial lessons. Maybe 3 weeks later, after I made my first set of jewelry, the “paint” begin to chip away. I started researching products that will never fade or wear away. The answer was gemstones ! I’ve started reading about their pureness, metaphysical , and healing properties. Then I discovered that they are mentioned throughout the Bible. My first reaction was, “ Wow! I get it Lord, I can’t run from it! This is what I’m called to do.”

I’ve begin researching places that sells pure authentic gemstones and browsing the competition. I wanted mine to be unique and a different style. So my journey began! It’s been 4 years and I keep improving and learning something new everyday! I want people to share my passion, calling, and creativity! So because of my background, you will always find the Onyx stone in most of my designs!

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